Bed & Breakfast


Easter Cottage: 9 Eldon Terrace BH19 1HA; 01929 427782. (Near station.)

Hermitage Guesthouse: 1 Manor Road BH19 2BH; 01929 423014. (In the town centre.)

The Limes Hotel: 48 Park Road BH19 2AE; 01929 422664. (In the town centre.)

Sandhaven: 5 Ulwell Road BH19 1HD; 01929 423178. (On the Dorset Coast Path just beyond the north end of the promenade.)

Sunny Bay House: 17 Cluny Crescent BH19 2BP; 01929 422650.

ALUM CHINE (Bournemouth West Cliff)

Lawnswood Hotel: 22a Studland Road BH4 8JA; 01202 761170. ( On Bournemouth Coast Path cliff top route; turn right just before the suspension bridge.) Mount Lodge Hotel: 19 Beaulieu Road BH4 8HY; 01202 761173. (On Bournemouth Coast Path cliff top route just before the suspension bridge.)


Hotel Riviera, West Cliff Gardens BH2 5HL; 01202 552845. (At back of grassy cliff top between Alum Chine and Highcliff Hotel.)


Arlington Hotel, Exeter Park Road BH2 5BD; 01202 552879. Bewdley Hotel: 70 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DH; 01202 553530. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

St Michael’s Guest House: 42 St. Michael’s Road, West Cliff BH2 5DY; 01202 55738642. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

The Newark Hotel: 65 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DP; 01202 294989. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

Topaz Hotel: 79 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DR; 01202 553714. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

The Pinedale: 40 Tregonwell Road BH2 5NT; 01202 553733. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel, right and left.)


Denewood Hotel: 40 Sea Road BH5 1BQ; 01202 394493. (Walk up the hill from Boscombe Pier. The hotel is on right at a crossroads.) Valberg Hotel: 1a Wollstonecraft Road BH5 1QJ. (Walk east from Shelley Park.)


Kelmor Lodge Hotel: 30 Stourcliffe Avenue BH6 3PT; 01202 424061. (Turn left into the road between Fisherman’s Walk and Gordon Steps Zig-zag.)


Brantwood Guesthouse, 55 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 473466.

Druid House Hotel, 26 Sopers Lane BH23 1JE; 01202 485615. (Continue north from Wick Ferry.)

Grosvenor Lodge, 53 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 499008.

Riversmead, 61 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 487195.

Southern Comfort Guest House, 51 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 471373.


Salmon’s Reach: 28 Stanpit BH23 3LZ. 01202 477315. (Turn left at Stanpit.)


Seapoint: 121 Mudeford, BH23 4AF. 01425 279541.

Seawards: 13 Avon Run Close BH23 4DT. 01425 273188. (Walk to the back of the car park behind Avon Beach.)


Castle Lodge: 173 Lymington Road BH23 4JS. 01425 275170. (Behind Highcliffe Castle; turn right at the main road.)


Sea Corner Guest House: 397 Waterford Road BH23 5JN. 01425 272731. (Turn left along Waterford Road above Chewton Bunny.)

Premier Inn, 266 Lymington Road BH23 5ET.  0871 527 9276.


Everglades: 81 Sea Road BH25 7ND. 01425 617350. (Behind Cliff House Hotel alongside coast path.) Laurel Lodge: 48 Western Avenue BH25 7PZ. 01425 618309. (On left between Naish Holiday Park and Cliff House Hotel.)


Bay Trees: 8 High Street SO41 0QD. 01590 642186. The Compton Hotel: 59 Keyhaven Road SO41 0QX. 01590 643117. (Just beyond east end of High Street.)

Laburnum Cottage: 19 Carrington Lane SO41 0RA. 01590 64425. (Just beyond east end of High Street.)


Dolphins: 6 Emsworth Road SO41 9BL. 01590 676108. (Off New Street near Tourist Information Centre.)

Durlston House: Gosport Street SO41 9EG. 01590 677364. (Near Station.)

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