Bed & Breakfast


Easter Cottage: 9 Eldon Terrace BH19 1HA; 01929 427782. (Near station.)

Hermitage Guesthouse: 1 Manor Road BH19 2BH; 01929 423014. (In the town centre.)

The Limes Hotel: 48 Park Road BH19 2AE; 01929 422664. (In the town centre.)

Sandhaven: 5 Ulwell Road BH19 1HD; 01929 423178. (On the Dorset Coast Path just beyond the north end of the promenade.)

Sunny Bay House: 17 Cluny Crescent BH19 2BP; 01929 422650.


Bankes Arms: Manor Road BH19 3AU. 01929 450225.


The Canford, 53 Cliff Drive BH13 7JF. A Young’s pub. On path.

ALUM CHINE (Bournemouth West Cliff)

Lawnswood Hotel: 22a Studland Road BH4 8JA; 01202 761170. ( On Bournemouth Coast Path cliff top route; turn right just before the suspension bridge.)

Mount Lodge Hotel: 19 Beaulieu Road BH4 8HY; 01202 761173. (On Bournemouth Coast Path cliff top route just before the suspension bridge.)


Hotel Riviera, West Cliff Gardens BH2 5HL; 01202 552845. (At back of grassy cliff top between Alum Chine and Highcliff Hotel.)

Winter Dene, 11 Durley Road South BH2 5JH; 01202 554150. (Walk down West Cliff Gardens from clifftop before reaching Highcliff Hotel)

Premier Inn, 11-13 West Cliff Road BH2 5EU; 0330 175 9011. (Walk down West Hill Road to crossroads and turn left.)


Arlington Hotel, Exeter Park Road BH2 5BD; 01202 552879. Bewdley Hotel: 70 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DH; 01202 553530. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

Klikaway, 25 Bath Road BH1 2NN; 01202 298024. (Up Bath Hill from Pier.) Hotel & hostel.

St Michael’s Guest House: 42 St. Michael’s Road, West Cliff BH2 5DY; 01202 55738642. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

The Chocolate Box Hotel: 2 West Cliff Road, West Cliff BH2 5EY; 01202 299645.

The Newark Hotel: 65 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DP; 01202 294989. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

Topaz Hotel: 79 St Michael’s Road BH2 5DR; 01202 553714. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel.)

The Pinedale: 40 Tregonwell Road BH2 5NT; 01202 553733. (Turn left at the side of the Highcliff Hotel, right and left.)

Marsham Court Hotel: 3 Russell-Cotes Road BH1 3AB; 01202 552111. (Top of slope up to East Cliff and opposite Russell-Cotes Museum.)

Travelodge Bournemouth Seafront: West Hill Road BH2 5EG; 08719 846431. Not on the seafront but very close to clifftop path near Highcliff Hotel.

Lea Hurst B & B: 8 Frances Road BH1 3RZ; 01202 290136. Near railway station.

Cumberland Hotel: 27 East Overcliff Drive BH1 3AF. On coast path with clifftop views.


Denewood Hotel: 40 Sea Road BH5 1BQ. 01202 394493. (Walk up the hill from Boscombe Pier. The hotel is on right at a crossroads.)

The Westby Guest House, 21 Westby Road BH5 1HA. 044120 2530071. (Walk up hill from Boscombe Pier and turn right.)

The Rosscourt, 6 St John’s Road BH5 1EL. 01202 397537. (0.3 miles uphill from Boscombe Pier.)


The Commodore. Next to Fisherman’s Walk and facing the sea. 01202 423150.


Southern Breeze Lodge, 20 Southern Road BH6 3SR. 01202 427459. (Just beyond Fisherman’s Walk.)

Spyglass & Kettle, Stourwood Avenue BH6 3PW; 01202 424888 (corner Southbourne Overcliff Drive and Stourwood Avenue.)

Cliff House Hotel, 13 Belle Vue Road BH6 3DA. 01202 424701. (Corner of Clifton Road leading to cliff top.)

Kelmor Lodge Hotel: 30 Stourcliffe Avenue BH6 3PT; 01202 424061. (Turn left into the road between Fisherman’s Walk and Gordon Steps Zig-zag.)


Brantwood Guesthouse, 55 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 473466.

Druid House Hotel, 26 Sopers Lane BH23 1JE; 01202 485615. (Continue north from Wick Ferry.)

Grosvenor Lodge, 53 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 499008.

Riversmead, 61 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 487195.

Southern Comfort Guest House, 51 Stour Road BH23 1LN; 01202 471373.


Salmon’s Reach: 28 Stanpit BH23 3LZ. 01202 477315. (Turn left at Stanpit.)


Seapoint: 121 Mudeford, BH23 4AF. 01425 279541.

Water’s Edge Bed & Breakfast, 8 Bure Lane BH23 4DW. 01425 273891.


Seawards: 13 Avon Run Close BH23 4DT. 01425 273188. (Walk to the back of the car park behind Avon Beach.)

Avon Beach B&B: 6 Southcliff Road, BH23 4EN. 01425 240238. Near main road.


Castle Lodge: 173 Lymington Road BH23 4JS. 01425 275170. (Behind Highcliffe Castle; turn right at the main road.)

Beechcroft Place: 106 Lymington Road BH23 4JX. 01425 277171. (Behind Highcliffe Castle; turn left at the main road.)


Premier Inn, The Globe, 266 Lymington Road BH23 5ET. 0871 527 9276.

Island View, 24 Wharncliffe Road BH23 5DE. 07789 882438.


Cliff House Hotel, Marine Drive West BH25 7QL. 01425 619333. (Next to path on cliff top.)

Everglades: 81 Sea Road BH25 7ND. 01425 617350. (Behind Cliff House Hotel alongside coast path.)

Laurel Lodge: 48 Western Avenue BH25 7PZ. 01425 618309. (On left between Naish Holiday Park and Cliff House Hotel.)


Bay Trees: 8 High Street SO41 0QD. 01590 642186. The Compton Hotel: 59 Keyhaven Road SO41 0QX. 01590 643117. (Just beyond east end of High Street.) Former poor house.

Laburnum Cottage: 19 Carrington Lane SO41 0RA. 01590 64425. (Just beyond east end of High Street.)

The Marine: Hurst Road SO 41 0PY. 01590 644369. (At end of seafront at start of Hurst Spit.)


Dolphins: 6 Emsworth Road SO41 9BL. 01590 676108. (Off New Street near Tourist Information Centre.)

Durlston House: Gosport Street SO41 9EG. 01590 677364. (Near Station.)

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