IMAX to be demolished

The IMAX at Bournemouth has been bought by the Council and will be demolished.

The building, alongside the coast path and voted Britain’s second most ugly building, ruins the Pier Approach and blocks the view of the bay and Isle of Purbeck to those arriving by way of Bath Hill.

This is a surprise and very welcome news.

Bournemouth Council declared that it had very little money to spend on this year’s Bournemouth Bicentenary celebrations but paying £7.5m to pull down a dreadful building it once approved is the best anniversary contribution possible.

I suggest the site, which for years was the town swimming pool, becomes a garden free of any building.

See page 33.

About Leigh Hatts

Leigh Hatts is an experienced walker and has known the local coastline since childhood. He is the author of many successful walking guides.
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3 Responses to IMAX to be demolished

  1. Leo says:

    I totally agree that Bournemouths eyesaw should be demolished. I heard today though that there has been a U-turn and they are going to re-open the IMAX!

  2. Brian Jenner says:

    This is not welcome news. This shows that the politicians are still mad on spending tax-payers money when they have no idea what to put in its place.

    If the Council now has a policy of demolishing ugly buildings, will it now buy the Roundhouse on the Lansdowne and the hideous car park complex on Glen Fern Road?

  3. Nevermind putting another building there,something natural and green which would be in keeping with the area. What about a Maze , there are not many around the country .It would be ideal for all the family , and it is something not many people have seen.It would also be low cost, but should be secured at night . Ideal if running out of ideas to keep children amused.

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