Bournemouth’s chines channel flood water

On Thursday Bournemouth had the worst weather in Britain when during a short period in the morning more than 2 inches of rain fell.

The River Bourne, really  a stream, dramatically burst its banks within minutes. A police car became stuck in high water in Braidley Road which is itself a branch of the Bournemouth valley. The road covers a Bourne tributory which once flowed there from Meyrick Park.

The valleys of Bournemouth running inland are known as chines and one of the dramatic pictures in the Bournemouth Daily Echo shows water which has poured down Boscombe Chine going over the promenade on to the beach.

Today all is back to normal although swimming in the sea is banned due to sewerage leak. But there is the air show to watch from the coast path.

About Leigh Hatts

Leigh Hatts is an experienced walker and has known the local coastline since childhood. He is the author of many successful walking guides.
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