Poppy appeal & Highcliffe Castle

The launch of the Poppy appeal at Highcliffe Castle was a bold gesture. It is a good place to recall the past especially those who died during the ‘Great War’.

The castle was home to Germany’s Kaiser for three weeks in November 1907 following his state visit as guest of Edward VII. By having him to stay in London and Highcliffe, Britain was talking to a rather difficult country which was better than war. But the Kaiser made intemperate remarks whilst at Highcliffe about the “mad as March hares” English and within seven years we were at war.

The seeds of the Second World War can be traced to the First. Highcliffe is a place where we ought to remember the millions who died far away.

About Leigh Hatts

Leigh Hatts is an experienced walker and has known the local coastline since childhood. He is the author of many successful walking guides.
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