UNESCO opposes Bournemouth wind farm

UNESCO is opposing the plan for a wind farm off the Bournemouth coast.

UNESCO’s scientific arm, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), says: “Any potential impacts from the Project on this natural property are in contradiction to the overarching principle of the World Heritage Convention as stipulated in its Article 4, as the completion of the Project would result in the property being presented and transmitted to future generations in a form that is significantly different from what was there at the time of inscription and until today.

“Specifically, the property will change from being located in a natural setting that is largely free from man-made structures to one where its setting is dominated by man-made structures.”

IUCN adds: “The Project will have a significant impact on the natural setting of the property, in that it would adversely impact on important views from the property, including views from the main visitor centre at Durlston Castle towards the Isle of Wight, where the Project would replace the Isle of Wight as the dominant feature on the horizon.

“This is likely to significantly impact on visitors’ experience and appreciation of the property in its wider natural setting, which could in turn compromise the long term sustainability of the management of the property, through a loss of revenue and reduced opportunities to present the property in its natural setting to a wide audience.“

Challenge Navitus, which campaigns against the wind farm, points out that France has protected the views around Mont St Michel and is asking the British Government to protect the Bournemouth and Purbeck coastal views.

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