Mudeford: Sand pumping concern

Christchurch Council will today consider pumping sand from the Mudeford Sandspit to Avon Beach.

Sand levels have fallen following the severe storm a year ago.

However, Christchurch Harbour Association and Mudeford & District Fisherman’s Association both fear that the navigable channel from Christchurch harbour will be adversely affected. Wave movements could also be affected.

Locals with long experience of the beach also have concerns about interfering with nature.

The channel runs some way beyond Mudeford Quay. Indeed the Mudeford sandspit once urned ran east not just for a short distance but as almost as far as Highcliffe Castle

Suddenly one night eighty years ago this month a storm reduced it to its current length and shape.

Poole has just completed pumping sand from Poole Bay on to the Sandbanks beach.

About Leigh Hatts

Leigh Hatts is an experienced walker and has known the local coastline since childhood. He is the author of many successful walking guides.
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