Hurst Spit to Lymington Strategy

Hurst Castle with Keyhaven and Pennington Marshes behind

The public consultation has opened on how part of Hampshire’s coastline can be managed as climate change becomes more evident.

The Hurst Spit to Lymington Strategy display seen at consultation events reveals alarming change over the coming century if we ignore the threat.

By 2040 there will be another significant rise in sea level.

There are various proposals with an understanding that the Lymington waterfront will have to be defended.

Hurst Castle, although in urgent need of repair on its seaward side, stands on land which appears firm. However, the spit which has been drifting north over many years is vulnerable to breach at its western end.

Meanwhile the saltmarsh is shrinking.

The line of the Milford-on-Sea to Lymington coast path will probably change and the scenic views certainly will.

The final consultation day on initial high level options is at Lymington’s Masonic Hall on Thursday 6 October 10am-4pm.

The exhibition boards can be seen online but the in person exhibition has the addition of an interactive map.

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Leigh Hatts is an experienced walker and has known the local coastline since childhood. He is the author of many successful walking guides.
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