‘Astonishing scenery’ says Sir David speaking at Old Harry Rocks

Sir David Attenborough at Old Harry Rocks on the Dorset
coast path with the Bournemouth coast behind

‘In my long lifetime, I have travelled to almost every corner of our planet,’ says Sir David Attenborough during the first episode of BBC1’s Wild Isles.

‘I can assure you that in the British Isles, as well as astonishing scenery there are extraordinary animal dramas and wildlife spectacles to match anything I have seen on my global travels.’

He is speaking at Old Harry Rocks with the Bournemouth coast in the background.

David Attenborough is fronting a five-part Sunday evening series which aims to highlight challenges affecting nature within the British Isles and alert us to the species which are in danger of vanishing.

Matthew Arnold, Benjamin Disraeli, Henry James, John Betjeman and Bill Bryson have all praised the coast around Poole Bay.

The 19th-century traveller and art critic Julia Cartwright wrote: ‘When I came out on the cliff and saw the wide sweep of the blue bay, the glorious calm deep sapphire seas stretching far away under the most cloudless of skies, it was Nice over again. For a minute it seemed like a dream and there were indeed Mediterranean waters below.’

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