Breakfast TV on Bournemouth beach

Bournemouth coast will be seen live on ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain tomorrow Thursday 2 April.

Andi Peters and Laura Tobin will on the promenade just west of the Pier between 6am and 8.30am.

The bad news is that the weather forecast is not good. There could be heavy rain.

Worse is that the programme theme is Easter with an Easter egg hunt although Easter will be three days away.

But it is due to be fine early on Easter morning when St Peter’s Church will celebrate the Eucharist on the beach.

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Sea search from Old Harry to Swanage

This morning walkers from Studland to Swanage will see the Swanage lifeboat joining in a search along the coast for a missing woman.

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Mudeford: Sand pumping concern

Christchurch Council will today consider pumping sand from the Mudeford Sandspit to Avon Beach.

Sand levels have fallen following the severe storm a year ago.

However, Christchurch Harbour Association and Mudeford & District Fisherman’s Association both fear that the navigable channel from Christchurch harbour will be adversely affected. Wave movements could also be affected.

Locals with long experience of the beach also have concerns about interfering with nature.

The channel runs some way beyond Mudeford Quay. Indeed the Mudeford sandspit once urned ran east not just for a short distance but as almost as far as Highcliffe Castle

Suddenly one night eighty years ago this month a storm reduced it to its current length and shape.

Poole has just completed pumping sand from Poole Bay on to the Sandbanks beach.

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Highcliffe-Lymington Sunday coastal buses reinstated

Wilts & Dorset buses, now called Morebus, has agreed to reinstate the coastal routes X1 and X2 on Sundays from the end of May.

Last month the Sunday bus services between Highcliffe and Lymington via Barton-on-Sea and Milford-on-Sea were axed.

However, the future of the year round weekend service is still in doubt since the buses are having to be operated on a commercial basis following cuts in Hampshire County Council grants.

There will  be pressure to continue the Sunday service in the autumn.



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John Singer Sargent’s Bournemouth paintings on show

Walkers crossing the Alum Chine suspension bridge are often tempted to drop down and walk up the ravine to see the remains of Robert Louis Stevenson’s house.  His wife Fanny treated the chine as part of her garden.

The artist John Singer Sargent  visited the couple several times in the 1880s.

Two portraits of the author from the time have gone on show together at the National Portrait Gallery.

One depicts the couple in the same room whilst both paintings give an indication of the interior of the house where Stevenson lived whilst his fame grew.

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Lucy Kemp-Welch’s ‘Parkstone’ Foam Horses

The painting Foam Horses by Lucy Kemp-Welch on show at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery has an interesting caption.

The note next to the 1896 painting suggests that the three horses battling with sea waves was inspired by the sight of cavalry horses being exercised on the beach ‘at Parkstone’.

Does this mean Canford Cliffs? Or on the beach near Flag Head Chine?

The picture is part of the museum’s winter exhibition called Dangerous Women! From Kauffman to Emin.

Also featured is work by Lady Waterford who spent half of every year at Highcliffe Castle, Helen Allingham who lived at Lymington and Leslie Ward who recorded Robert Louis Stevenson’s Westbourne house.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 8 March.

The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is on the coast path at the start of the East Cliff near Bournemouth Pier.

In winter entry is free so you don’t have to make a ‘donation’ as suggested by welcoming staff. But you will probably want to buy something in the shop or eat in the cafe which is  good place to stop at on a walk.

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Sunday coastal buses axed

Wilts & Dorset buses has rebranded itself More although fewer buses are now operated.

From this Sunday 4 January 2015 there will be no Sunday coastal bus services in Highcliffe, Barton-on-Sea or Milford-on-Sea.

Also hit will be weekday afternoon buses, handy for walkers ending their day, which will be reduced.

The consultation on these changes takes place next week after the changes have come into force.

Wilts & Dorset is blaming reductions on the government funding cuts.

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Sandbanks Ferry to reopen for Christmas

Sandbanks Ferry is suspended for its annual overhaul.

The service is expected to return on Thursday 18 December.

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Cliff fall at Branksome Dene Chine

There has been an unexpected cliff fall on the western side of Branksome Dene Chine.

Part of a lawn dropped into the car park below. The grass belongs to a residence near to View Point House where Max Bygraves lived for many years.

The Daily Echo has the first pictures.


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Shelley Park: Florence Gibson portrait

A rare portrait of Florence Gibson who was brought up at Shelley Park by Sir Percy and Lady Shelley is to be auctioned at Bonham’s in London. It may have been painted at the house with the Boscombe sea view added as the backdrop.

The story is on the Bournemouth People website.


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