The Marine opens after storm damage

The Marine at Milford-on-Sea has opened the upstairs which it has renamed ‘Valentine’s’.

It was the St Valentine’s Day storm which closed the cafe.

Breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening restaurant menu are now available.

The ground floor is expected to open in the middle of next month.

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Oswald Bailey to close

Oswald Bailey outdoor shops which have been part of walkers lives for 108 years are closing.

Closing down sales are being held this week at Winton and Parkstone.

The business has been sold to Blacks Outdoors Group which includes Millets.

The Bailey family is retaining the sister company the Bournemouth-based online Outdoorgear which was started by Oswald Bailey managing director Stephen Bailey.

Oswald opened his first shop in Birmingham in 1906 and the Bournemouth shop on Poole Hill in 1930. Seven years later he had a house called Chaddesley Gate built for the family near the coast path at Poole Head.

He retired in 1948 having opened fourteen shops and died in 1962.

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BST opens full Bournemouth Coast Path

The main coast path route between Southbourne and Mudeford is now open for the summer.

This is determined by Mudeford Ferry which operates daily during British Summer Time which has just started.

The winter route is via Wick Ferry/Tuckton Bridge and Christchurch.

From Mudeford the route is now known as Christchurch Coastal Path as it heads towards Highcliffe Castle and Chewton Bunny.

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Bournemouth Air Festival 2014

The Bournemouth Air Festival is enjoyed by many walkers either in Bournemouth or  from the cliffs in Purbeck or Highcliffe.

The dates this year are Thursday 29 August to Sunday 31 August.

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Lymington: Admiral Arthur Philip’s house

A plaque has been placed on the front of Clarks shoe shop in Lymington’s High Street recording that it was once home of Admiral Arthur Philip who was the first Governor of New South Wales and founder Sydney.

Lymington Rotary Club has renewed existing plaques in the town and added new ones including the one for the admiral.

This year is the 200th anniversary of Admiral Arthur Phillip’s death on 31 August 1814.

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Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre is open daily

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre


One of the two gates with carvings

One of the two gates with carvings

The Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre has been open for a month and with the improving weather more vistors are drifting in.

It was good to be there on Monday and see a couple of solitary walkers going in to learn more about what can be seen from the coast path.

There is plenty of information about Iron Age pots and some are on display. Birds can be seen live on screens in their nests.

A reminder of what might have been is shown by a drawing of the castle which was commissioned by Gordon Selfridge. It would have been a rival to Castle Drogo.

Most interesting considering the storms we have just experienced is the description of the coastal protection around Double Dykes where revetments consist of steel cages filled with rocks.

The display claimed that the last storm was in 1987. This month’s will need to be added. At present the Southbourne promenade remains covered in sand and beach huts east and west have been damaged.

Maps and guidebooks are on sale in the shop along with local jam.

The staff is mainly volunteers and more people are wanted to help in the building which is a 200 year old converted barn with an extension.

At present the centre is open daily 10am-4pm; free. The nearby Hiker cafe is open daily 9am-5pm.


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Studland: The Pig on the beach opening in June

The Pig on the beach is to open at Studland in June.

The former Manor House Hotel will open its doors as The Pig on the beach on Friday 6 June.

The 23 bedroom house will feature a greenhouse restaurant, a room for private dinner parties and two treatment rooms.

Produce for the table is being grown in the walled kitchen garden and or sourced within 25 miles of the Isle of Purbeck.

The property was built about 1825 as the seaside home of the lord of the manor George Bankes who owned much of the area and lived at Kingston Lacey near Wimborne. The estate is now in the hands of the National Trust.

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Milford-on-Sea: The Marine rescue latest report

The best report of the St Valentine’s Night rescue from The Marine restaurant and cafe at Milford-on-Sea can be found in The Lymington Times and The New Milton Advertiser.

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Bournemouth landslip

There has been  a landslip on Bournemouth’s East Cliff.

The fall was just west of the cliff lift.

This is not unexpected following the record wet weather and storms.

Meanwhile, the pine wooded cliff at Brownsea Island has suffered damage.


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Bournemouth Coast Path: Morning after the storm

For the first time in weeks it is possible to say that it might be safe to walk along the cliffs and even beaches in and around Bournemouth.

The sensational St Valentine’s Night damage has been very well documented on today’s Echo blog. TheEcho team did a first class job last night and early this morning.

Avon Beach is severely damaged after what is possibly its worst storm since March 1935.

This was the occasion when the sand bar running east from the Black House was swept away. Last night’s storm might have brought some of it back.

Even more interesting has been the constant flooding of Shore Road and Banks Road at the start of the Sandbanks peninsula. The water has sometimes been very deep and today the pavement has been left ripped up. Across the Poole Harbour entrance at Shell Bay there has recently been big movement of sand.

Sandbanks was just a sand bar with some shacks until well into the 20th century. Development, which brought roads and defences, was slow due to fear that the peninsula would be washed away.

In 2010 the Environment Agency forecast sea flooding at Sandbanks within sixty years.


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